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Polypropylene в Кипре

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7 объявлений
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Полипропиленовые мешки.
1 200 $/т  
опт 0.11 - 0.12 $/шт
Hello! We produce polypropylene bags. polypropylene bags from primary raw material for (salt, flour). We sell at a bargain price. size: 55 × 105 centimeters density: 70-85gr Composition: Polypropylene from a primary material. Yours faithfully Company Manager
18 июл 2019
The bag is woven polypropylene
The bag is woven polypropylene - фото 1
The bag is woven polypropylene - фото 2
The bag is woven polypropylene - фото 3
0.13 $/шт
The bag is woven polypropylene without marking, without polyethylene insert. Product specifications: - throat - heat cut - bottom of the bag: double-sided - anti-slip thread every 6th; - surface fabric density not 67 g / m2 (+/- 2 g)
5 июл 2023
Selling 100 tons of popcorn ball
1 €/т FCA  
опт от 1 €/т
Selling 100 tons of popcorn ball, expansion rate 35-40, purity 99.8, moisture 14%, packed in 25 kg bag. polypropylene or paper. Price, extended quality on request. Sincerely, Vladimir (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)
20 апр
Ballpoint pen
Ballpoint pen - фото 1
Ballpoint pen - фото 2
+1 фото
Ballpoint pen - фото 3
0.02 $/шт
We offer you ballpoint pens! With good quality and from factory price! Ballpoint pen in a plastic housing. It is completed with a core with blue oil-based ink, which is characterized by high density, light - and water resistance, does not freeze at low temperatures. The thickness of the writing
1 июн 2022
Patented wastewater treatment technology ( with certification from the european union).
10 000 €/шт EXW
Patented wastewater treatment technology ( with certification from the european union)... waste water treatment process is completely automatic, so the plant automatically reacts to the total daily flow and content changes. technology with more than 70.000 installation of wastewater treatment
6 ноя 2020
Charcoal briquette FSC / Βερνίκι κάρβουνο FSC
Цена по запросу
Βερνίκι κάρβουνο, συσκευασία: ΜΕΓΑΛΗ ΤΣΑΝΤΑ, σακούλες πολυπροπυλενίου 15 kg, χάρτινη σακούλα 5 κιλών Παράγουμε μπρικέτες μόνο με επιλεγμένες οικολογικές πρώτες ύλες. η μπρικέτα γίνεται με κοσκίνισμα ξυλάνθρακα από σκληρό ξύλο (δρυς, γαύρος, τέφρα, σημύδα). Πιστοποιημένο προϊόν FSC φορτηγό ελάχιστης
26 ноя 2019
Corn Flour from Bulgaria
Оптовая цена
360 €/т FOB
Corn flour - 100% natural bulgarian product, packing : 40 kg. polypropylene bags
6 ноя 2018
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