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0.15 - 0.91 €/шт
Продам минеральную воду с газом и без. Мин. вода продукт Испания. В любых расфасовках. Форма оплаты предоплата.
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14 сен 2019
8 €/Tray  
опт 6 - 8 €/Tray
Item Name: Red Bull Energy Drink Specification: 250ml Text on the can: English Language 24 cans in each tray 108 Trays in each pallet Best Quality and Taste. Shelf Life: 18 Months Expiry date: Not less than 18 months Packing: Full Truck: 33 Pallets (3,564 Cases ), 20ft Container: 24 Pallets 32
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2 мар 2020
0.13 €/шт EXW  
опт 0.13 - 0.14 €/шт
, The Andre Ltd , Bulgaria Vat 103845723 the distributor in Bulgaria good plants winery plants and mineral water plants . Our plants and the company Andre Ltd is a leading producer of fine wine and carbonated beverages and bottled mineral waters non only on the Bulgarian market but on the Western
17 ноя 2018
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Mineral water
Mineral water
Mineral water
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Mineral water
0.38 €/pc EXW  
опт 0.38 - 0.34 €/pc
Dear current and potential partners. Morshinskaya natural mineral water is a healthy, environmentally friendly and highly-important product. Water Morshinskaya - has a favorable value for money. We invite to mutually beneficial cooperation on the introduction of Morshinskaya dealers from all
2 сен 2022
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