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Soybean meal for animal consumption
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Soybean meal for animal consumption Origin: Argentina Certificates: Phitosanitary Incoterm: C.&. F Packing: big bag 1500 kg each Transporter: Containers Soybean meal is a concentrate with an important protein content, generally between 40 and 47% on dry matter. Deliveries are direct from
4 июн 2020
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Crude Soybean oil, unrefined, DSTU 4534:2006
Оптовая цена
от 650 €/т CIF
Crude Soybean oil, unrefined, DSTU 4534:2006, for food industry.
23 мая 2019
Wholesale High Quality Refined Sunflower Cooking
2 €/шт
We offer our customers the highest quality sunflower oil , Corn oil, Soybean oil, Palm oil . Our product has excellent properties and is produced under step-by-step quality control. We carefully monitor each stage of production so that you can appreciate our oil. Raw sunflower oil has a pleasant
14 окт 2022
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