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Suxeed, PCL

Представитель компании
Zagainova Olgamanager
Адрес компании
Cyprus, Nicosia, Athalassas Avenu,129
Cyprus, Nicosia, Athalassas Avenu,129
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Деятельность компании

One can easily be mislead in Cyprus by the modern and friendly feel of the corporate environment. Cyprus is indeed an eu member, however we can not emphasise strongly enough the massive cultural differences, as well as, the varying ways in which the locals conduct their business affairs.

At Suxeed we have gathered all those very key components that are required to put a company together in Cyprus and by adding our 30 years of experience in International business we aim to make life for our corporate clients easy as well as care free.

Suxeed is here to bridge the communication gap and act as an invisible filter between the Cypriot and overseas corporate world. We "translate" the local business language into a "language" that is understood by the foreign investor so that crucial time is only spent on the primary objectives of the business thus enhancing the communication of all sides involved.

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