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Prefabricated Modular Homes

Prefabricated Modular Homes
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Limassol, CY
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Tronyko Oleg


Your healthy and beautiful home is ready in 1 month and has a service life of 100 years
What is material and technology
What are the advantages of Servalco Ltd. prefabricated houses?
For which buildings the material and installation technology is suitable
The material from which we build our prefabricated houses is fiberglass - a polymer reinforced with fiberglass.
(GRP). It is well known and highly preferred in low energy construction.
We create and patent our own fiberglass composite blocks, for convenience we call them bricks.
They are light, corrosion-resistant, high-strength, compatible with any building materials, and very easy to install.
Fiberglass blocks are joined together and interlocked with each other, forming a strong weld that does not require
any additional, traditional building materials.
The tests that the materials and assembly technologies of prefabricated buildings undergo include:
The results obtained are excellent. They prove that prefabricated glass block houses are:
with high bearing capacity of the structure;
resistant to abrasion, corrosion, moisture and UV rays;
suitable for construction in hard-to-reach areas, in seismic areas.
What are the benefits of Prefabri
With Servalco Ltd materials and technologies, you get exactly what you need - durable, stable,
prefabricated building, erected in a short time.
Easy and quick to assemble - your custom home will be ready in 1 month from delivery
materials to the construction site.
Compared to conventional panels or conventional concrete-brick structures, which also require heavy
equipment, fiberglass bricks are very easy to operate. In addition, assembly can be carried out in any
Durable, resistant, resistant - to moisture, mold, corrosion, earthquakes, fires, tornadoes and hurricane-force winds - up to 225 km/h. It is no coincidence that every Renco prefabricated building has a 100-year
life time.
Suitable for any architectural solution - lightness of glass blocks and special installation
technology allows you to quickly implement any architectural and design solutions.
Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly - Fiberglass is one of the best and most commonly used
materials for thermal insulation. Fiberglass brick buildings are very energy efficient.
ratio. Assembly technology eliminates the use of natural resources - wood, cement, sand - when
building. Pollution from construction waste is significantly lower and the building is 95% recyclable.
Easy to maintain and economical for you - prefabricated buildings are low maintenance and
operating costs. The nature of the material and short installation times allow us to offer you
prefabricated houses and any type of prefabricated buildings at a very good price for you.
A 100 year guarantee makes your initial investment even more profitable.
For which buildings is the material and installation technology suitable?
Low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise housing construction - short construction time, stable and
climate-resistant construction over the years makes prefabricated houses an excellent solution
for end users and investors. Again, for the same reasons, they are preferred for construction.
farms, villas and country houses.
Schools are a practical solution also for smaller communities where traditional school buildings
expensive to maintain and operate.
Office buildings - investing in a prefabricated building is beneficial not only for investors who will
rent offices, but also for companies that want to build their own building.
Temporary buildings needed during natural disasters - quick assembly, resistance to any natural disasters,
material recyclability - this makes prefabricated houses the logical choice in crisis situations.
Do you need a house or other building as soon as possible?

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